Monday, July 30, 2012

call me crazy

Someone noticed how many pictures I was putting up on Facebook of this lil pup.
It made me laugh when she made her comment,"If you're like this with a puppy, I can imagine when you have kids!"

It's true! And I didn't even noticed how many pics I had taken of this lil dude.
Usually I only have my iPhone, and formal pics with my Rebel just isn't an option sometimes with his crazy hyper moments that come out of nowhere.

But he has so many adorable moments.
And you'll be seeing so many pics of this guy as he grows up.
Because, well, as stubborn and aggressive as he is as a puppy, I can't get enough of his puppy dog eyes and his cute lil tongue hanging out of his mouth.

[walks are getting better and better with him. He's not as scared, and enjoys exploring with his nose. one day, i'll have him running with me!]
[he's not allowed on the carpet yet, but sometimes we lay out blankets so he can join us in the living room...he's figured out the only way to stay in the living room is by staying on the carpet!]
[date with my puppy at the beach, while waiting for his brother in swim lessons]
[fell asleep while helping mom out on the laptop]
Right now, we have conquered "sit" and working on "down."
"Come" is one of those commands that he decides whether he wants to or not...don't worry, I"m working on changing that;)
He can "Shake" and "stay" is not far from him knowing it.

Who knew that a puppy can learn and change so much in just a few short days! 
By the way, we know that he's half Beagle...anyone out there have a clue of what the other half of him might be? Any guesses?


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

HE is so cuuuuute! i can't wait to meet him!

Sarah Halstead said...

Soooo adorable.