Thursday, July 12, 2012

Paris dreams!

I still hadn't put up pics from Paris, France...
it was wonderful, and just as picturesque as I'd imagined. 

That over yonder is the bridge that was in a scene in the movie, Inception. 
My younger sister was obsessed with the movie...and of the many bridges in Paris, she found the EXACT bridge that the scene was filmed at!
Needless to say, her dream came true to walk on this bridge and imagine the scene...

My daddy's Paris dream was to drink a cup of coffee in front of the Eiffel Tower.
(he's got pics all over the world and US of him drinking coffee, but this one was a golden one.)
That dream became reality!

My Paris dream didn't exactly come true.
See, i really really really wanted a kiss pic in front of the Eiffel Tower with my husband, from this exact spot...but while he went up the tower, and i went on the hunt for the Inception bridge, we didn't find each other in the crowds of people that were there...instead, we had to settle with a quick snapshot barely seeing the eiffel tower in it and then a quick snapshot of us kissing on the boat.
I'd bought a picture frame and everything for that special pic...oh well...guess we gotta go back one day to fulfill that dream.

Oh well, i got some fun shots of Arianna being so happy about being at the Eiffel Tower.:)

Have ya'll ever had any special dreams in certain places in the world? 
I've got a whole bunch! Check out my bucket list on the right!


Ginger said...

My childhood dream was to travel all over the world, but that won't come true. I have been to France twice, however. My dad was retired Air Force and recognized the importance of foreign travel. I went for a week in high school with the French class and three weeks in college. That time we went to Paris, Normandy (where I walked amongst the dead in the National Cemetary overlooking Omaha Beach), the Loire Valley, and Monaco and Nice. I will always treasure those memories. Other than that, I would have liked to have visited the Holy Land and the British Isles.

kBr said...

that's great that you got to see so many different places while your dad was in the military! That was one way that my family and I saw so many places overseas, because my daddy was in the Navy! Maybe one day you can visit the Holy land and British Isles?:)