Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pretty poppy picture team!

This week at Summer Sizzle, I had the fun task of being the photographer. 
I traveled around on my bike going from place to place to get some fun shots of the campers.
I had two of the BEST helpers while I took pics.

Before we got started, we waited around for their dad to pick up their siblings and friend, so we had a fun little photo shoot with everyone.

Now, isn't she just precious? 
She carried my list of different teams that we needed pics of, and as we took the pictures, she marked off the teams so we could keep track of the teams that were left! 
She kept me laughing with her funny "grown-up" ways of explaining things, and how seriously she took her job. She did GREAT.

This girl came with me for TWO days this week, helping out and keeping me company. 
She rocked, because she "tested" all the field trips - the gymnastics center, the beauty salon (she got pampered and got her hair, make up, and nails done!), and sailing. 
and of course, we had to "test" the ice cream at the ice cream shoppe to make sure it was yummy for a hot summer day.

This lil one didn't come with me to take pics, but she LOVED getting her pictures taken. She kept saying, "Mrs. BB, take of picture of me like this!" and then give me this huge hammy grin.
Her blue eyes are to die for, as they seem to get brighter and bluer each time I see her!

and right when I was taking this fun shot of the girls, their bro popped his head out through those doors.
Perfect timing, eh?!
(and then I asked him to do it again, but the posed shot didn't look as fun as the real one, so I stuck to this one.)
and here they are! The fabulously cute four!
More pic of Summer Sizzle to come...
I've been working on a slide show video and was flipping through pics and couldn't help but share these pictures with ya'll. 

p.s. the sweet headbands that they are wearing are courtesy of my sister's shop, Much Love, Illy. All three of us wore these headbands while we took pics of camp. It was our team uniform!:)

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aaaawww, they are SO cute! loved these! p.s. thanks for the shout-out!