Thursday, August 16, 2012

overnight guests

[this is the early morning of their departure...we're both lacking alot of sleep, but it was too enjoyable to stop talking late into the night!]

This week we got to have some sweet time with one of my bridesmaids and her husband.
They stopped by our house on their move from Washington state to Ohio.

Walking with the dog.
Sitting down to a meal and talking and laughing over dinner.
Getting to give them a quick sneak peek of our crazy life with kids.
Staying up really late, sitting on the kitchen floor, with Lindsay. 
Waking up really early for breakfast and to wish them farewell and safe travels.
These are just some of what we did in the 13 hours that they stayed in Storm Lake:)


it was such a nice time...and it went all too quickly.
It was like getting a tiny piece of Beaufort, South Carolina, in my home in Storm Lake, IA.
Reminiscing with Lindsay and realizing how much time has flown over the years was so fun.

Had such a wonderful time having ya'll stop in!

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lindsay said...

Loved being your overnight guests! Such fun to see where you live :)