Friday, July 13, 2012

Life as we know it...

has changed completely.
I don't think we knew what we were in for when Alexio came into our lives...
This lil guy has changed a lot of things in the Brandenberger household.
He really is like a baby!

-No one sits on chairs anymore in the kitchen-everyone finds themselves on the floor just watching him.
-Cooking dinner takes double the time now, because some lil one wants to snuggle by my feet.
-Our guests come into our home excited to meet the puppy-and then he goes all crazy and wild eyed and tries to bite. (we're working on it!)
-We're practicing the bell method for potty training. So far, he seems to like nudging the bell because it makes a fun noise. As far as peeing on the floor, we've had a couple semi-successful days, as long as we're on top of what he's doing and watching closely.
-You think I'm weird, but this puppy gets his paws, little boy part and bottom wiped after he relieves himself outside...I do not want my house to smell like a dog.

If anyone has any tips on puppy training, i'm all ears! We're exhausted from trying to figure out how to understand him and get him outside quick enough before he, well, you know.
Otherwise, we are thrilled and in love with our new lil fellow!
He's so cute and i just wanna squeeze his lil fact, i did!

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