Wednesday, April 25, 2012

splurging on italian.

Every couple weeks, Ryan and I go on a date, just the two of us.
It helps us keep our sanity and let's tell the truth now, being alone as a couple is a welcomed treat whenever we get the chance.
Fostering is kinda a high stress 24/7 responsibility, so we think it's important for the two of us to get some time together-alone.
Every once in awhile, anyways.

So we got our handy dandy friend to come watch the little guy and we took off to one of the towns near us. Ryan didn't tell me or anyone where we were going, and that's always a lot of fun when he's got the date planned out.
In Spencer, IA there's a place called La Chiesa, a SUH-weet italiant place that resides on the top floor of an old Episcopal church. 
Down below, a brand new FROZEN YOGURT place opened up. (haven't seen one of those ANYWHERE in we were really really excited about this one.)
We knew we'd go over our calorie intake for the day, but we just decided to enjoy the time and food we, our biggest excuse was, "Oh, What the heck. It's date night!" 
We ordered an incredible Margherita pizza and Fettucini with lamb.
I think both our stomachs have shrunk since our health kick started. We could barely finish our portion size-but we really really enjoyed our meal!

After dinner, we took the stairs down to Bon Bon and enjoyed some non fat frozen yogurt with yummy fruit toppings.
I limited my self to a few little swirls with a lil bit of fruit boba. 
We even sat outside on this beautiful evening to have our dessert! 
It was a great night.

[i got two spoons cuz i liked the colors and the way the spoons looked. such a fun little place!]

Love love our date nights.
And this one was exceptionally wonderful, because we also had a 40 minute drive in the car (both ways) where we got to spend quality time talking! It was fabulous!!!

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