Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh. M. Wow.

 [first graders at the circus]

This week I met my weight goal!
I've lost 20 lbs since Christmas and I feel really good!
Did it with healthy eating and portioning my meals as well as daily exercise!
Boom, baby! I'm pumped!

My husband and I have adapted to a healthier life style of eating, exercising, and resting. 
God is good.
My husband has lost 50 lbs and not only does he look AMAZING, but he's eating great and getting that healthy diet in place.

There have been times that I'll be in the middle of my run or workout, and mentally, I'm done for.
That's when I'm praying for extra strength to finish.
And I do! God's given me the strength to meet my goal.

I'm down to one cup of coffee a day, with only natural creamer and no sugar. 
The rest of the day, I energize myself with  healthy well balanced meals, and for snacks, with water, fruit, and protein.
Clif Bars and Clif Crunch bars are my favorite.
White Macadamia Nut is where it's at.

Never thought I'd be the type to care, but as I started trying to get back in shape, I've been educating myself in what I'm putting in my body.
Hey, God only gave us one body, so I really want to do all I can to take good care of it.
Besides, my purpose of reaching a healthy weight for my height and age was not only to get in shape, but because of something my daddy told my husband.

" I don't work out for myself. I work out for my family, so that I can be here for them as long as I can."

That little bit of advice from daddy changed our lives. We're not only doing it for ourselves, but we're doing it for each other and our future kiddos. Now, don't get the wrong idea, we're not trying to become marathon runners or body builders, but we just want to be more health conscious about what we are putting into our bodies and getting in shape has given us natural energy. I freakin love it.

I use a lot of skinny recipes and my guys are happy. 
We're all really enjoying the new kinds of yummy food. 
Our little one told me, "I really really like trying the new foods you're cooking." He claims I make the best foods in the world, but the kid is mexican and has had authentic mexican food...honestly, my cooking can't compete with the taste of authentic mexican....mmmm, i love mexican food. Health wise yes...flavor...mmm, maybe not;). 

Anywhoo, I'm still obsessed. 
Can you tell? 

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Ginger said...

Fantastic, Kristine~ I do Weight Watchers and have lost the 20plus pounds chemo put on me in 2007.