Sunday, April 8, 2012

earliest I've ever gotten up for Easter

This Easter was the first for all of us to get up at 5 A.M. for a sunrise service.
Ryan had a part in it by sharing a scripture message.
It was really cool getting up with different churches and worshiping together, and seeing the sun rise is truly beautiful, but i do gotta say how glad i was when we could run to the car quickly and try and warm up-it was a pretty chilly morning. 
So thankful for those that came our though to worship with us. 
 I made a big Easter breakfast of pancakes, turkey bacon, eggs, and strawberries (we're on a health streak), and enjoyed a couple hours at home getting warmed up with hot coffee, blankets, couch snuggling, and pjs and slippers before heading to our own church for an Easter service.
It was a pretty sweet morning together:)

We had lunch with a couple dear friends and then headed home for pics and an Easter egg hunt for the boys.

Here's a snapshot of my studly hubby, Ryan:) He looked really good preaching this morning;)
and here's are pics from our lil boy's perspective...i let him take pics with my camera and he just kept shooting.

 both boys went searching for eggs...they made it into a competition between them so there was some crazy pushing and shoving and hurrying to get the eggs.

We spent the afternoon trying to recover from the early morning, and this evening the three of us grilled steaks and burgers for Easter dinner.
Oh, baby, that meal was amazing. I love charcoal grills.

 The evening after that was spent outside biking, running, and playing catch with a baseball (baseball is starting up soon for lil man.)

So let me leave you with an Easter shootout,
from my husband and myself,
"He is Risen!!!"
Happy Resurrection Day!

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