Monday, April 30, 2012

A change in taste buds...

I admit...
I have never ever in my life had a sweet tooth.
But for some reason the past few weeks, healthier sweet treats have been a temptation of mine.

I made my first of many baked goods the past few weeks: and bananas, walnuts, oatmeal, etc, has become the main ingredients of many of my late night baking.

I've found that I enjoy the time at night after the kiddo goes to sleep, after a workout and my shower, and after the lights in our home go dim, to busy myself in the kitchen and start baking, cooking, and/or packing lunches.
-I admit that my tastebuds have somehow changed to really enjoy lower calorie/sugar/and fat baked goods.

- I admit that tonight I went over my calorie allotment because of the banana bread and banana walnut cookies that were sitting in my kitchen calling my name.

- I admit that my kitchen is the most used room in the me at least. I love the time I'm getting to spend in there...I love when my husband takes a little bit of time to sit and chat with me while I'm cooking, cleaning, or packing lunches.

- I admit, my researching and reading on health and nutrition has become an addiction. Forgive me if you might say something that triggers a spontaneous spiel on what I've learned to love and enjoy.

-I admit that running 3 miles makes me proud of myself. Never ever thought I could do it. But I can. and I'm enjoy the best feeling of natural energy from eating well and exercising daily.

- I admit that my reading recipes, figuring out healthy meals, and reading online about food and nutrition has been keeping me up late past my bedtime a lot recently.

- I admit that I could spend hours in Hyvee or Fareway just listening to my iPod and browsing through the food, comparing nutritional facts, and dreaming up ways to use the items in recipes. It has become my go to place for entertainment and amusement-any excuse I can find to go in there I take it;)

I admit a lot of things have changed and are changing. I am pleasantly surprised by the way God is working in my own personal life through physical discipline and by allowing me to slowly learn to physically discipline myself, mental, spiritual, and emotional disciplines seem to have followed suit.
And I love it.
I love thinking and praying throughout my runs and workouts...sometimes it's casual conversation with Christ, other times it's pleading with Him to give me just enough strength to finish. It's definitely been so advantageous for my prayer life. 

I'm thankful. So thankful for what God's doing personally for me.
Do you mind that I share these things with you?
I hope not, because i can't help but enjoy seeing and sharing what's been motivating me.

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