Sunday, April 15, 2012

Eating, reading, cooking, running...these are a few of my favorite things.

I still go through phases.
Or obsessions.
like right now, there are quite a few things that I enjoy thinking about.
These have kinda been my areas of an outlet.

Through my childhood, up til about high school, I love love loved books. 
It was such a treat to go to a Books-a-million (do they still have those stores anymore?) or a Barnes and Nobles and pick out a book or two to add to my collection.
I read everywhere and anytime I could-in the car, in the bathroom, in bed, in the shower (yeah...i had a lot of soggy books...but don't worry, they dried eventually!), during school breaks...
If my sister or I got in trouble, reading for fun was one of the things that my parents took away from us.
So, that being said, I've returned to that obsession of always having a book on hand.

These books have been the one occupying my night stand and purse.
I started with the first one a couple weeks ago and couldn't put it down.
I went back to the store, thankfully found the next one, and did the same.
Now, I'm on the third one, and by golly, it's just as good. The only reason I'm not currently in bed reading it is because, well, I'm blogging about it. 
Put these on your summer reading list. They're amazingly well written.
 Another recent obsession has been running and hitting the gym for strength workouts.
Now, I'm gonna be 100% honest with you, but I am the worst person at staying consistent with workouts.
I'm not naturally a runner and when first starting out, I could only make it about a quarter mile before my lack of breathing threatened to give me a heart attack.
I kept on it and it's become one of my most valued time of the day. 
It gives me my "alone" time, but the little guy can also bike along if I'm running outside around the lake. 
He knows that I can't talk and run at the same time, so we both get our exercise and get our individual time to get our energy out.
Micoach and Myfitnesspal app on my iPhone has been my best friend at knowing how much I've burned and how many calories I can eat. 
I'm loving how good I feel health wise and I feel the effects of being healthy in my daily routines-dude, i have so much more energy!

My most recent obsession has been food.
Figuring out what's good for you and what isn't.
What benefits your body and what you can go without.
Calories, fats, carbs, protein-you name it, I've been obsessively reading over these things.

But here's the thing, there are so many foods that I love but are packed with tons of calories and fat.
My recent obsession has been looking for alternative ways of cooking these foods and making them healthier options. 
I found all these incredible recipes on Skinny Taste and I'm hooked.

And it's SO. MUCH. FUN.

 My most favorite place to eat at is Chipotle. 
Thing is, the closest one is two freakin' hours away in Omaha.
I found a way to make the chipotle rice though! and It taste so good, just like the one you'd find in their burritos!!!
I also found a recipe on how to make corn salsa from Chipotle...I'm so pumped at these new recipe finds! 
Yuuuuum. I sprinkled on JalapeƱo Tabasco and it tasted just like I like it!
Here's an awesome tasting salad - Zesty shrimp and avocado salad. 
It's great on bread or in a tortilla or just spooning it right in your mouth. 
I had it for lunch today and was so happy.

Oh, and here's something that I definitely felt victorious about.
Both of my guys loved this recipe AND had seconds. 
Healthier but tastier lasagna.
It portioned out perfectly too!
Spinach Lasagna rolls.

 So there we recent attempts at making my days seem just a tad more fun and exciting.
I walked around the grocery store today for an hour and a half just imagining and figuring out what meals to make.
I tell ya, I'm going a little crazy in the head, researching and reading about health and the benefits of this and that. 
I look forward to the day that I get to cook dinner every night and have it ready when my husband comes home. He's loving my new obsessions, because, well, he gets to eat all that I cook! 
There's something just so so satisfying to me about cooking healthy well-balanced meals for my family, and taking care of things at home.

These are just a few things that float my boat right now. 
Anything that you're currently obsessing over?

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