Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wish I knew how to work a bow and arrow.

 My Saturday activities included:
-Sleeping in til 7:45 after a very late teen night the night before. (Really, I rarely "sleep in." My body just won't allow me to do it. It gets the amount of sleep it needs and I'm up and at 'em!)

- Coffee, reading, and browsing online while in bed.

- Ran quick errands around town while everyone was still puttering around the house.

-Made Pizza Bread and I admit, it was amazingly deeee-lish. (my hubby's word, not mine.) 

-Cleaned all the rooms in the house except for the kids' room, that's their responsibility. (I tell ya, there's something satisfying about keeping house...I love doing it.)

-Showered and enjoyed leisurely styling my hair with no rush.

-Lectured a boy on the importance of playing nicely with others and using good sportsmanship. (good grief, I think it's the third time I've talked to him about it.)

- Played catch in the backyard with my husband (all time favorite thing to do.)

-Climbed a tree and imagined I was Katniss - all I needed was a bow and arrow.

-Lay in the grass on a sheet and read while in the warm of the sun (that is, until a squirrel wouldn't leave me alone.)

- Went to a friend's for dinner and played a very long rigorous game of Catan, Cities and Knights...

-Came home and my husband got the chance to see his KU Jayhawks make it to the Championship game of March Madness. 

It's been a good day. 
What was your saturday like?

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

you are def still my little sister - esp with that title and that collage of you trying to get out of the tree. bahaha! so funny. miss you!