Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ryan's Birthday Ball

This gift was a blast to do with the little guy.
We went shopping for all the little gifts,
we colored and wrote the notes,
we took turns wrapping the different gifts inside this ball, 
and we spent a couple afternoons together doing this for the man we both adore.

 Lil guy was beside himself with excitement as he watched Ryan unwrap each layer. 
Hidden under those layers were lots of fun little surprises with notes attached to them.
Oh, and we did all this while in the restaurant.
It was awesome as the pile of streamers got bigger and bigger as Ryan unwrapped.

Just a fun little birthday surprise that the kiddo and I could do together. 
I don't think Ryan's ever seen a ball like this before-so it was kinda fun how many little presents were hidden in this birthday ball.
We had a "ball" making it, giving it, and watching him unwrap it!

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

i loved seeing how it turned out!!!!!