Sunday, March 11, 2012

Delaying Tactics

I remember when I was a kid and my dad or mom was getting me and my sisters ready for bed and I (unintentionally...of course) would come up with lots of things to talk right about the time it was ready to climb into bed.

*insert Filipino accent*
"Kristine Ann! Delaying Tactics!!!"
"Delay, Delay, Delay, Kristine Ann!

I never understood the importance of getting to bed AT bedtime. 

Now I understand.
Boy, do I understand now.
Because now, we experience the other side of "Delaying tactics."
Except the kid we deal with is much more creative with staying up past his bedtime.

"Ryan, I forgot to ask you...where does the water go after I go number one or two?"
"Kristine, I forgot, I wanted to sing you a song."
"Can I drink some coffee?"
"I forgot to brush my teeth."
"My stomach hurts."
"Whatcha watching/doing?"
"Can I help you do dishes?"
"Did you know I can make shapes and letters with my fingers?"

or he'll do things quietly like come up behind the couch and give me a head or shoulder rub. (that one is hard to say no to).
or give us slow 100 second hugs while saying good night. ("Thirrrrttttyyyy-oooone, Thirty-twooooooo, Thiiiirty-threeeeeeee...")

And this is a SHORT list of the lovely things he likes to do at exactly 8:30 at night. 
Lol, but I can't complain too much about it. 
He's pretty compliant and easy-going about rules. 
He used to come out every couple minutes to tell us things he'd "forgotten" to tell us, but we quickly figured that out and put a stop to that by saying unless it was some absolutely urgent, he'd have to wait til the next day to tell us.

Daddy and Mom, I understand now...

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