Thursday, March 15, 2012

orange blur

There's this kid we know who just really really really wanted a bike.
He kept staring at the ones hanging upside down in our garage, both of them being way to big for his little self.
He kept talking about bikes he used to have before living with us...but all 4 of them had been stolen from him.
Both Ryan and I have a love for biking and prefer this form of transportation when it's nice out, so we understood that itch of wanting to ride on a nice day out.

I'd been praying that God would provide a bike for this kid. 
I put up a bulletin on my work's bulletin board, as well as a shout out on Facebook.
I would have accepted any kind rusty old worn out bike, I just wanted something that he could pedal along with me while i ran or biked. 
So I kept praying. 

about 7:30 one night this week, our doorbell rang.
Little guy was in the shower, Ryan and I were picking up the house from the day.
One of our neighbor friends was on our doorstep and said," Hey, I have a bike for you!"
I stared at her and all I could think was "How did she know...??"
Although Facebook isn't a daily ritual for her, she had gotten on and glanced at her feed, saw my status about bikes, and walked on over to our house.

I was in awe.
a Beautiful orange bike...with pegs, a rearview mirror, flashing front and back lights...just beautiful.
and she blessed us with it. She gave it to us and when i wheeled it back to our house with her, lil dude was stunned that someone would just come over to our house and ask if he could use this bike.
He wasn't quite sure...a little cautious about it, but then when he got used to the idea, his face was beaming.

He's had the bike for two days and makes a beeline for his it right after school. 
First thing he asks to do is after school is to go bike riding. 
It's really pretty fun to watch him go up and down the street on his bike.
We've already had one pretty impressive spill on the bike-scraped up his knee and elbow when the bike flipped over him-but he's proudly showing off his bright yellow bandaged knee.
Today i ran to the store and stocked up on bandaids and bandages...because i'm quickly seeing how easily boys get hurt when they try tricks and stuff on wheels. 

anyways, we feel so blessed.
We also just feel so fortunate to have such a great example for lil one to see how God even cares for the things such as a bike. 

It's sweet knowing, acknowledging how incredibly detailed in love and care God is....
even showing a 9 year old how what he enjoys and loves to do is important to God.
For a lil guy who has never known how important he is to anyone at all...he was amazed how God cared that he really wanted a bike.

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aw, what a cool story! so happy for the little guy!