Sunday, September 11, 2011

the very beginning.

Ryan and I started a new chapter of our lives this past week.
After months and months of classes, interviews, preparation, and prayer, we started foster care.
We had our first kids for three days this weekend.

In those three days, I felt so many emotions that have never risen in my entire life. 

The feeling of putting a child to bed in your home with a bedtime story, a hug, and a kiss.

Getting the privilege to see their first smiles of the day.

Placing a child in time out and seeing him get through the struggle of three minutes sitting down and thinking of what he did. 

Hearing their squeals, giggles, shouts, and cries. 

Sitting down at a meal with a family.

Watching my husband quietly read a bedtime story in a dim light to two snuggly cuddly little people anxious to hear and see what happens next.

Seeing a little girl look into my husband's eyes as he took the time to talk to her about legos, trees, and nuts.

Having a little boy squeeze between me and my husband so he could snuggle with me while we watched Veggie Tales.

Saying goodbye to these kids and hoping that one day, i'll get to see them again.

Having an empty feeling in my heart because the house is eerily quiet...

Our time of starting a family has finally begun. 
It's definitely not the traditional baby making way; it's the way to love those babies that don't know yet that they are so very much loved.