Saturday, September 17, 2011

it's like an old country movie.

The Clay County Fair always feels like the kickoff for fall to me here in Iowa.
It's so different than anything I have ever seen or experienced.
It's just like those old western movies with cowboy hats, horses, and every stinky farm animal you can think of.
It's definitely fun though! I love looking through all the booths of products and sample foods and all that great stuff.
The colors and bright lights always make me happy too:).

[the little arena with horses and bulls practically scarred me for life. 
those poor bulls that were being lassoed and tied up...]

[piggy races were hilarious! only in iowa? who does this sort of thing??:-D]
I'm a sucker for crowds, food, and fun things to look at and taste.
Fall is officially here!

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