Monday, September 5, 2011

Blur of Minneapolis

The best week of my entire year happened last week.
I got to spend six glorious days with my family who had made the trip to the midwest for a college reunion. 
(yeah, it was actually really cool to see my parents and their friends from college reunite.)

we all met up in Minneapolis (a mere 4 hours from our town) and enjoyed time shopping, reuniting, jumping on beds, hitting the hot tub, swimming in the get the picture.
Speaking of pictures, prepare yourself. you're about to get a whirlwind of our time in Minneapolis.
 Excuse the quality of the photo. I used my phone for these pics.

Ryan and I headed to Minneapolis and got there early enough to check out ikea...duuuuude, we bought TWO $700 mattresses here...for ONLY $99 bucks each!!!
an incredible deal...such a God thing!
 Buffalo wild wings while waiting.
 yeeeep, my boy Peyton Manning Elizabeth Gamboa came too!!!!
 Reuniting after how many years after college in the Philippines and gathering together in Minneapolis! 
there were like 15 of them that met up:)

We got special permission from the manager of the Hilton that we stayed at, that Peyton could also stay with us:)
Spoiled rotten.
He was so happy to be with us.

 Mall of America and all its goodies.

 Find the stud in this next picture.
He's mine:) 

 Peyton and ryan having a stare down.
just kidding. ryan was teasing him with some weird squeaky noise.
 the Gamboa sibs.
I like us.
 the only other boy in the family-our bro peyton.
 Peyton LOVES car rides.
He did great with all the roadtripping my family did.
I stayed in Minneapolis with my family a couple extra days, and Ryan and Peyton headed back to Storm Lake cuz Ryan had to preach Sunday morning.
Pey was thrilled to ride along.
they got some quality man time together.

 mom and the kids:)
 the fam, minus pey and ryan.
 Jumping on the bed was odd this time...
it wasn't that bouncy.

 we tried anyways.
 ashley and i got to wander around the mall of america while ilene and mom were shopping. 
 i got a free giant disigual bag so all our shopping went into it.
great way to shop. 
i will forever take it along with me on shopping trips...makes carrying shopping bags more pleasant.

 last breakfast in the hilton with the family. i loooooved the breakfast there.

after Minneapolis,  my family made their way down to Iowa to visit our home and life!
Next blog post to come:)

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