Sunday, September 25, 2011

cheap way to get beds for kids

Beds (frames, headboard, mattresses) are quite expensive when you buy them all at once.
And honestly, not too great of quality.
You look at the bunkbeds in Target or Walmart and you get the feeling it may collapse on you because of the flimsy poor quality wood that's holding up a mattress AND a kid.
So we said no to that option. 

This is what we ended up doing.
Buena Vista University had a sale on their dorm furniture.
Now, it wasn't too terribly long that I lived in a dorm and used furniture exactly like this old junky furniture.
Wasn't the prettiest furniture, but I do know that it can hold a full grown college person.
That means it'd be terrific for our kids to stay on:) 

We went ahead and bought two beds worth of beat up dorm furniture. 
we got some sandpaper, primer, and spray paint and went to work on these bed pieces.
 and it's done the job! 
I am so happy with the result of the beds.
They look cleaned up and new and are sturdy enough for rowdy children to jump on and sleep on!

Not only that, but we placed the Ikea Mattress that went for $699, but we got a great deal on and bought these mattresses for $99 bucke each, and we have a complete bedroom set for two for less than the cost of bunk bed FRAMES from walmart!

We're ready for these kiddos that we're praying for daily.
The bedroom is looking better each week and we're stocking up on toys (kinda...looking for those special deals out there for toys). 
I keep adding things that I find to help decorate the room to look more welcoming...still figuring out how to fill those empty walls.
Can't wait to fill the bedroom with kiddos!

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