Wednesday, September 7, 2011

blur of life with family in storm lake.

I think from these pics, you can tell who is the snuggliest and cuddliest Gamboa in the family...
Everyone just likes to squish and love this boy.
I didn't take ANY pics with my rebel (REGRET), but i had my camera phone with me all the time.
So here are quick snapshots of the time we had in SL with my family.

what's wrong with this pic?

squeeeeeeeze the snuggly boy!!!!
we took numerous walks by the lake.
 a walk with ash and pey. 
 sqeeeeeeeze the little furry boy!!!!!
 and again, squish!!!
He's so cuddly!

wing night with my family at martinis!!! 
so fun with them.

got to celebrate ashley's birthday two days early with her:)
can you believe this girl turned 16???

yeeea-yuh! shopping money for chicago. cah-ching!

bike ride with dad, sisters, and hubs to kingspoint and thru town.

morning we said goodbye.
we look happy.
but we're actually so sad to be saying bye.

my baby boy and i...
teary eyed while i said bye.
my mom....most beautiful woman in the world.

loved having my family in Storm lake and getting the chance to spend 7 days and 6 nights with them!!!!! 
traveled, shopped, relaxed, canoed, biked, walked, cooked, ate, and did so much with them.
love ya'll so so so much.
please come back soon....

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