Monday, May 9, 2011

such late nights...let's start a list:

It's been a crazy long couple weeks. Lots of great things that's happened, as well as somewhat burdensome things...but let's focus on some of the good.

In my 4th grade reading class, we are reading the book, "Becoming Naomi Leon." It's a great book and brings up pretty intense conversation and subjects but the kids will have neat project and are enjoying the book. Anywhoos, in this book this young girl makes lots of lists of things. So my 4th graders are doing that as well. Since the kiddos are doing it, I thought I'd do the same for you. That way you can know roughly what is going on in my life! 

So starting off with my, "Fun/funny things that happened this past week!"

1) Visiting with a friend in my living room when Ryan and Damian walk in from playing together outside. Damian ran into the bathroom rubbing his mouth and Ryan announced, "Damian thinks he has a mustache." (Ryan tried to convince him that it was washable...but Damian thought this was his entryway to adult hood;)) Ryan let him "shave" using his shaving cream and one of my razors (with the cap left on of course!) They finished his 1st time shaving with the studly smell of Adidas aftershave. 

2) Our fostering classes have been so interesting! you'd think a 3 hour night class might be long, but it's so intriguing and absolutely challenges us. It's great. It also helps that it's one night we get the chance to drive away from Storm Lake and enjoy French fries in the car together:). We can't wait to move out of our apartment and into a house where we can actually take kids in:)

3) Our buddy John is back in town! We haven't had too many game nights of Catan yet, because we've had really late night events, but those night that we get home before 9, we usually try to call him up:)

4) zAO kids has been fun to watch. The Lifeblocks have gotten to be pretty creative as you can see here. Took this pic with my camera phone, but this is their "castle" and i think they're making robots or something else too...

5) I have been so encouraged with our Perspectives team...and as perspectives ended this past week, ryan and I felt kinda sad that we wouldn't be seeing this part of the body of Christ weekly now. They've become ryan and my church family. but i've seen tidbits of the team here and there, so that's been nice:)

Sometimes, lack of sleep gets to me. This week, we've been getting home so extremely late that we basically tumble through the front door, and stumble into bed. We are so tired. I'm not even gonna hide it. It resulted in a complete emotional breakdown last night. 
Good things my husband is great at hugs and listening. :) 

that's it for now. 
i'm going to try and hit the sheets before midnight tonight:)

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aw, get some good rest, sis - but excited to hear about all the good things!!!!

love ya.