Friday, May 13, 2011

spring rolls, city walking, lights, and PEOPLE!

the Brandenbergers are back in Chi-town-there's so much to this favorite city of ours that brings back such wonderful memories.
The food is one of the very most best parts of this place.

Panang's was our first stop to eat at here in the city. 

Mmmm...Spring rolls. 
Spicy Fried Rice.
Green Tea Bubble Latte.

aaaah...why can't we have these kind of places in Storm Lake?

Tomorrow's Katie's graduation day. 
Can't believe it's already here! I remember when she just got to Moody...and I was trying to make a good impression on Ryan's sister:)

Crazy how time flies. 

[Happy Graduation, Moody Graduates of 2011!!!]

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

oh man!! i want a bubble tea latte - like NOW!!! so jealous that you are there without me. have fun!!!