Monday, May 16, 2011

graduation details

Graduation Morning, Saturday, May 14, 2011

a great way to start the morning: @ starbucks with Oatmeal and my Bible for devos:)

and here's graduation at Moody Bible Institute

 amazing proffs that train us up...

 here comes the graduate, heading into the auditorium...

 Chairman of the MBI board and Moody Biblel alumnus: Jerry B. Jenkins
 full house at Moody Memorial Church (our old church!:))

Congrats to Katie Brandenberger! 

I am so very proud of this school.
Sitting in graduation and looking down at the graduates; I got teary eyed. (i know, i know, it makes me sound like an old woman, but I did!)
I am filled with so much Moody Pride. The school that sends out the best of the best into ministry and trains us up in God's Word and our ministry focus...

This school prays diligently over every single applicant that applies at Moody...thousands apply, but only 400 (ish) are chosen to train here. So many of those that I graduated with and watched graduate will be the next generation of dynamic speakers, missionaries, pastors, counselors, martyrs, etc... and are able to go straight into the mission field without worrying about debt-because MBI is a tuition paid college. We have the privilege of having Moody Bible Institute as our training ground, where even the name is respected all over the world.

As Dr. Robinson gave his address, and familiar proffs that I had sat under was sitting before my eyes, I felt my thoughts wander back to the days at Moody in Chicago, 
where you are in the heart of the city, ministry, diversity, and adversity. 
Because of all those reasons though, we are where we are today. 
We have 125 years of alumni that has left Moody and stepped into the world of full time ministry and we are blessed to be a part of that legacy that Moody BIble Institute holds.

Oh, and I went to visit ilene, except she wasn't in Chicago this time:( I missed her through my whole visit!

Congratulations, Moody Bible Institute graduates of 2011!
you are one of the few and proud that recieved a MBI education! Be bold and continue the legacy of Moody in the Lord:)


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aw fun pictures - except that last one! icky, icky. ;)

wish i could have been there!!!!

Kacie said...

I was just with fellow MBI grads this weekend. One headed to India, one to Indonesia. We were discussing how what they always told us is coming true. At the time, at MBI, it was a little difficult to look around at the immature guys and girls around us and think we really would be ministry leaders! But really, it's been five years since then and SO many people are moving overseas, moving to positions of leadership, etc.