Wednesday, May 18, 2011

raindrops, wet toms, but a blissful anyways

Chicagoland was rainy but beautiful.

 I was so thankful to be back, even for the brief time we got to be in the city.

 I kept having this feeling that when I was done walking in the rain, I could go up to my sweet cozy apartment on the 30th floor of Chestnut St and warm up with a blanket next to the floor to ceiling window overlooking downtown Chicago, while drinking a hot mug of coffee.

but, nope, there was no apartment to go up to:(

(look, ilene Anthropology replaced the old American Girl store on Chicago Ave!!) 

These city sightings makes me long for city life again.
I had a hard time this past weekend trying to figure out why we live in a little town in Iowa when we had it good living in beautiful busy downtown Chicago.

How'd that happen?!
Why did we ever leave?!
I did alot of processing over coffee each morning in the Starbucks below our hotel. 
Yep, I admit, I was unhappy knowing I had to go back to that small town that was full of stress and busyness that I am pretty sure caused my very first gray hair on March 25th, 2011.

But if I looked past all the luxury of the city.
and looked past all the different smells and odors of pigs here in Iowa,
and oh, yeah, the lack of good places to eat or shop here...
and when i finally get over myself,
 I realized, I wouldn't want to go without the relationships that Ryan and I have here in Storm Lake.

I wouldn't know that sweet little boy that comes knocking at our door and joins in our prayer meetings with elderly folk.
I wouldn't know that 13 year old boy that sits on our counter or stands next to the sink while I'm cooking or washing dishes to talk about why his day "sucked" or "was awesome."
I wouldn't know those kids that drive me nuts at Zaokids but still looks at me with those big eyes that just  asks, "do you really love me?"
I wouldn't know those dear friends and church family from all over town that has loved and supported my husband and I.
I wouldn't know that girl that has a hard exterior, but soft and sweet heart on the inside.

I do miss the city.
I miss the memories.
I miss the independence.
I miss the activities.

but even with all that, I see the testimony of God's work in this little town of Iowa. I have seen Him work in ways I never thought I could ever claim to have witnessed. 

God is constantly amazing me. 
I'm glad He's got us here. 
I'm glad I know those people I love and care for here.
I even think that one day,
 I may even grow to love it here...

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