Friday, June 20, 2014

One and Two

Just to forewarn you, there are ALOT of pics in this post. 
It was one of those things, that I couldn't just pic a few to you're getting a majority of the pics we  took.

These two have birthdays within two days of each other, so we thought a photoshoot with these two buddies would be fun!
It started out great, and we only lost five out of the six balloons, but it was all in good fun. 
by the end of the shoot, it was hot and muggy and the kids were tired, but definitely were troopers through the whole thing! We could not have done it without the help of neighbors and friends dancing, singing, waving, and clapping in front of these two littles.

Anyways, sit back, grab a drink and a snack and scroll through these pics.
I guarantee you'll smile if not laugh at some of these pics..

they really are the sweetest little friends.

Grant...Two years old!:)

Lux...One year old on the 21st!

the buddy shoot.
 "can you hold her hand grant?"
 "ok...her foot works too."

 Love him...he remained so happy and pleasant through most of this shoot.

 He "pushed" Lux on the swimg;) with the help of Miss Elli.

The most wonderful dancers, clappers, distractors, and wavers the world has ever seen. They assisted in EVERYTHING. they're the best.

 This is the point that Lux decided she was super hot and sweaty.
 and neither wanted the balloons attached to their arms or legs.

 at this point, Elli turned on the hose...and they were distracted.

 I think these might be my favorite pictures ever.

 and then everyone involved got a popsicle as a reward on a hot sticky day.

 balloons on...
 balloons off...
 no more balloons..but heres a stick.

 and the faces behind the distraction!:)
Love them. they were super helpful!!!!

 the mommies of the two cute kiddos.

Happy happy birthday to Grant and Lux!!
Hope ya'll enjoyed the pictures! Oh and while you're here, enter the giveaway in the earlier ends in 24 hours!!!

 [pic from a different photoshoot attempt.]

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