Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One and Two, the best way to spend a birthday.

One of the most exciting birthdays of Lux's life was shared with her dearest friend, Grant, who was turning two.
Here are some sweet pictures of their special day together, as we got to celebrate their lives and the blessings they have been to everyone they know.

Photo credit: Taken and edited by Miss Karen Tellez. 

Waiting for their party guests.

 This girl partied hard til 10 that night, hanging with the teens after the rest of the guests left. 
Such a fun evening, and totally planned last minute with Grant's mom. *high five* Natalie!
So thankful for the evening with friends, with no other agenda, except enjoying fellowship, eating pizza, and cheering on the cake smashing. Sometimes, that's just super refreshing.

Happy birthday, My little one year old girl. 

 p.s. here are a couple videos from the night: 
(her face says, "they're making me eat this..."

Oh, and this is just cuz it cracks me up each time. 
Love you Grant and Lux! 
Ya'll are the cutest, one and two i know!:) 

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