Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Beautiful Melody Designs

There are so many neat things that have popped up in the world of Lux.
Our days stay busy, running from one park to the next, playing with friends, swimming, napping, snacking, taking pictures, and snuggling. We do things as a pair (sometimes a trio, if Alexio comes with us), and we enjoy all the fun things that comes with being a kiddo.

She is super active, loves to walk/run/move/explore, and with that she changes her clothes, especially her tops, a couple times a day. With the weather we've been having here, we go from chilly to warm to hot, all in one day.
That being said, clothing kinda needs to be versatile for this kiddo.

Beautiful Melody Designs is an online shop that makes some really fun block printed tees and tanks for Littles...
Have you ever seen block printed products?

We got the sweetness of being able to wear and try this product out, as it is growing and expanding in sales.

How do you even attempt to review something as sweet as this tank? 
I can't get over how much I love it on Lux.
I think my favorite part is how it feels...its super soft and so comfortable. 
Oh, and the print. 
I adore the block print.

Beautiful Melody Designs is a growing business of a mom of two, who has such a positive outlook on life, as seen on all of her products. All the tops are block printed by hand, which means, she makes them personally and with so much care and perfection.
I have so much respect for a momma that uses her gifts and talents to make beautiful things for other people's Littles...while caring for her own!
I love the urban look, even on my tot, and this tank does that for me.
and is now one of my favorite essentials in her wardrobe.
I'm pretty sure we'll be using it all summer.
Not to mention layering it up in the fall...

and probably any other way i can make an excuse for her to wear it.
 I don't think I've ever put a softer thing on lux (besides her fuzzy pajamas that she wears in the winter!), but this one is perfect for hot sunny days at the beach or running around at the park. She can stay cool, but looking pretty sleek, if i do say so myself;).

Now, I'd like you to do me a favor.
Go to Beautiful Melody Designs shop, especially if you're a mom of a baby, toddler, or kiddo in the 5T/6T department and look at the unique block print style this shop has to offer.
You won't regret visiting the shop.
If you are an instagrammer, I'd go follower her @_abeautifulmelody as well.
She has sweet deals and sales on there!:)

Now I'm gonna go throw Lux's tank in the wash, and let her wear it all over again tomorrow.
don't judge. 
I love it that much. 

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