Friday, June 6, 2014


These days:
 - Lux and I are outside as. much. as. possible. I'm pretty sure we have an outdoor loving girl.

-We found out how much Lux loves sand. she can dig and dig and dig, and she's super happy. 

-Play dates outside are definitely our favorites.

- Alexio has a new puppy friend that keeps showing up at our door. Not a fan of that new friend that pees over everything and won't go home or stay home.

-The waterpark is one of our happy places.

-Naps are a great thing after swimming and a good meal.

- Searching for a new house with three bedrooms isn't easy to find, but we are super thankful for our awesome landlords and little house that we still love very much.

-Appreciating those friends that celebrate life, milestones, achievements and have fun with us are true treasures to cherish.

-Finding out that Lux can eat a whole slice of pizza was awesome. she really likes pizza.

-Lux is turning one is two and a half weeks.

-I'm turning 27 in 4 days.

-Ryan's birthday isn't coming up.

-Lux is practically running from point A to point B

-Climbing things are fun for Lux.
-Lux is loosing some chubs in her legs. I'm getting sad.

-Thankful for conversations with friends.

-Lux gets more packages than I get, but I still get excited, Alexio gets excited, and Lux usually wants the paper or box.

-Ryan and I wish very much that we could see the Spiderman movie that came out and Xmen...still haven't felt comfortable leaving Lux with anyone.

-I'm Dying to see Fault in Our Stars in theaters...heard it was amazing.

-We take pictures everyday as I work on getting better at them.

-We're working on sleeping through the night again...she went through a growth spurt or something and would wake up to eat at 3 for the past four days. and then wake up at 6.

Sorry about the quick tidbits of our lives. I have numerous posts that I debate about whether to post or hide, and most of the time i hide. However, you'll be hearing from me more often after we get this giveaway on the go.

Night, ya'll! 

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