Tuesday, July 23, 2013

she's oh so loved...the hospital stay and homecoming

I need to start off by saying I absolutely LOVED the hospital we have here.
I love the doctor that took care of us and delivered Lux.
I loved the sweet nurses and how hard they worked and took care of us.
I loved the room we were in; it wasn't a scary room, in fact, it felt more like a hotel...with a bed that went up and down and adjusted to my liking.
I loved the room service...the food was INCREDIBLE. and I could order as much of it as I wanted...and they brought it to me.  (one of my most favorite parts of our stay).
I loved how there really aren't any visitor hours..my family stayed with me til the very late hours of the night, and the accomodated my husband staying with me and then when he couldn't, both my sisters got to stay.
Anyways, I loved the entire experience from labor to recovery and I could do it all over again. (maybe one day I will;)).

The morning after was just a blast.
I hadn't slept all night, but I was so refreshed and rejuvenated and each time they wheeled Lux into the room to nurse in the middle of the night, I was all giddy and excited to hold her in my arms. 

 seemed like every time she moved, burped, slept, etc, we whipped out our phones and cameras and took pics of her.

 all the "Gamboa" girls (two Brandenbergers, one Butler, and one Gamboa;))
Her aunties have already started spoiling her:)

the IV was the absolute worst part about the hospital stay...
and I had to stay hooked up to it 24 hours after delivering Lux because of the fever I had during labor.
 Oh! here I am so happy with my tray of food.
I looked forward to this whenever we ordered room service...yum. 
 Lux had many wonderful visitors come by and see her.
We loved it! She met so many people. I didn't get pics of everyone, but here are some of our visitors!

i love our family pictures.

a dad and his girl...can't get much cuter than that.

Lolo and his granddaughter:)
Another girl in his life.

She loves her Lola...
my mom stayed with me on Sunday morning while everyone was at church, and she spent some quality time with her granddaughter while I soaked in the tub and slowly got cleaned up.

little girl with her grandparents....her Lolo and Lola.

 Supplement bottle since I wasn't producing much milk yet.

 Here she is dressed to go home! 

 I had planned for her to wear these shoes home, but they were way to big on her:) but aren't they so cute?

 one of the fabulous nurses at BVRMC...
she's the one that went through the delivery process with me...she seriously worked hard-lifted me up over and over again when my bottom half was dead weight. she totally broke a sweat dealing with my pregnant body.
 Leaving the hospital as a family of three!

 home again home again.
 greeted by my dog brother and dog baby:)
 i missed Alexio while I was in the hospital:)

 Meeting the new member of the family:)

 and there ya go.
our hospital stay and homecoming...
it was so strange that night having the very person that was growing inside of me for 9 months, 
outside of me and in my house.
It was so nice welcoming Lux home...
with the whole family bustling around, cooking, laughing, and so excited to have the new member in our family present and at the table for our first family dinner with us:)

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