Sunday, July 28, 2013

2nd week...with her BB family!:)

On the same day that we said byebye to Lola, we picked up Lux's Aunt Kate (Ryan's sister) from the same airport about an hour later.
This was Lux's first exposure to the outside world (which I was somewhat hesitant about exposing her so early, but we wanted to be at the airport to say bye and hi). 

Meeting her Aunt Kate in the parking garage at the airport!

Lux got some good Aunt and Niece time-they like to talk to each other.
I think Lux was telling her how much she liked being spoiled by her...Aunt Kate hadn't wasted any time in showering Lux with gifts-toys, blankets, clothes, things to use as Lux gets older...Lux is never going to have a shortage of cool things that her Aunt makes.

hahah, she totally looks asian in this pic...with teeny tiny legs.
quiet time with Aunt Kate.
Our first walk as a family. Katie took control of Alexio who hadn't had much walking action til this point.

Katie tried to coax Alexio deeper into the water with this big stick.
He totally was not having it.
She claimed, "He's swimming, he's swimming!" (But he looked like he was frantically trying not to drown;) lol)

This is when Grandma first walked into the house. 
Alexio totally knows who she is and decided HE needed some attention before she met Lux. 
He was so excited to see his Grandma.

Meeting her first granddaughter for the very first time!

and of course, Alexio had to get in on the grandma loving action too.
He just could not handle the thought of Lux taking his grandma.

4th of July grilling:)
Grandma and Lux cuddle at every chance they had:)
I think they're telling each other secrets...they seem to have these quiet conversations together quite often:)
Alexio loved having his Aunt Kate here. She is one of his very favorite persons in the world.
They played together, walked together, napped together...yep, they're best buds.

Lux and Alexio both practicing tummy time.
See? They're talking to each other again!:) 
sweet sweet moments.

Here are some family photos after they went to church. 
I took the pics and didn't want to be in them (still sporting the post prego belly and I was in sweats while everyone else was dressed up:))
I don't know how, because they all chose their church outfits in three different states, but they all ended up picking clothes that matched each other!
Must be related;)
I love these pics.
They're vibrant and beautiful and the first family ones with the newest brandenberger generation:)

These sibling shots are really too cute.
They make me smile just looking at them.

And Aunt and her first niece.

Daddy, Grandma, and Lux.

we tried to get a pic of Grandma with her "grandkids."

She's probably thinking, "yeah...all this fuss is about me:))
I love when I catch my husband kissing his little girl. 
Precious moments.
Grandma and Lux spending the last bit of cuddle time before Grandma had to leave:(
It was a fun week with the Brandenberger side of the family.
We really didn't do too much, as I was still healing and slowly getting back to normal.
We hung around the house mostly and soaked in time with Lux.
It was probably one of the best visits we've ever had!
It was also really nice to have the extra hands to help out around the house...I was so thankful as I was really worn out all day long and to have help with the dishes and laundry was such a blessing!
It's really pretty sweet to see Lux being loved on so much by her Grandma and Aunt...She's quite a special little girl to have so much love in her life!

It was sad seeing them go and we also got hit with this huge reality check that we have a BABY...and she's ours to take care of.
When they left, it was the first time the three of us had ever been home alone...and it was kinda scary and exciting at the same time. 
and then it began!
Parenthood on our own...


Jessica said...

Beautiful photos! so glad you had a great time with your family! Lux is precious!

Jennifer Achebe said...

Your gorgeous baby girl is too adorable for words!