Saturday, July 27, 2013

First week with Lux...and her Lola, the Baby whisperer.

We got home in the evening on Sunday (they almost made me stay overnight again because of my fever during delivery...but I pleaded with them to let me go home, since my family was leaving really really early that Monday morning.)
So we got home and tried to soak up the remaining time with the family.
I was so thrilled though, because my mom and dad decided mom would stay a whole week with us as I got the hang of the whole being a mom thing:)

Here are the aunties chilling with the niece:)

the dogs weren't quite sure of what that teeny tiny thing that made noise was:) they were a little concerned that they couldn't lick her:)
My mom was a Godsend during this week.
I don't know how we could have done it without her.
She is an expert MOM, i must say, because she seemed to know every trick in the book.
She is also a Baby Whisperer-putting Lux to sleep just by singing and dancing with her.

The first few days home, Lux had to be at the hospital each day because she was at risk for jaundice, and they kept doing tests (HATED it-something about pricking a baby for blood over and over again is heartbreaking), and when we'd return home, my superwoman mom in the short time we had been gone had already, made an incredible meal, vacuumed, tidied up the whole house, washed the dishes, had done laundry, AND had gotten herself ready. 
and she'd be sitting on the couch with Alexio reading her Kindle.
Amazing. Yep, that's my mom:)
We LOVED the meals mom prepared. It was a whole week of not worrying about cooking or cleaning or doing any dishes; my mom took great care of all that. Ryan and I agree that mom makes the best breakfast in the world...for some reason every single things she makes for breakfast tasted ten times better than when I cook it.

When we'd return home from the hospital after Lux's checkups, mom always made it such a cozy and welcoming home environment...with worship music playing and the smells of a fresh cooked meal in the air. It gave me the same feeling that I get when I go home to SC. Mom's really good at that. Makes things just a welcoming and comfortable environment.
We found that Lux loved to sit in the bouncer to sleep, so that's where she slept the first week...and we'd place her on the table so she could join us while we ate and could look at her cute face.

Mom and Lux did alot of dancing and singing that first week.
And as sleep deprived as I was, having my mom here was a blessing, cuz she'd send me back to bed in the morning and love on Lux while I tried to get some sleep.
I love footsie pajamas...they're so cute:) 
Ryan was really cute each time he held Lux. It would be late and Lux would be asleep in his arms, and we would talk about how amazing it was that she was here.
We'd stare at her for the longest time just amazed with her teeny tiny being:)
Alexio still wasn't too sure about her. He would keep inching closer and closer to her trying to smell her and see what she'd do. 
And if she all of a sudden flailed her arms, he'd jump back startled. it was pretty funny.
Here's her first spongebath.
Alexio trying to get in on the action since daddy was paying attention to the baby.
One of those dreaded hospital visits where they'd prick her heel and draw blood and she'd scream and grab whomever was with her.

Here she is singing and dancing with her Lola. She looks like she's trying to decide what song to sing next.

Middle of the night feeding:) This is the face she made as she tried to eat her fist.
She seemed to love snuggling with Lola even more than she did with her mommy and daddy. 
My mom could get her to sleep anytime anywhere.

here she is snuggling with her daddy. Daddy was determined for Lux to enjoy napping with him as much as she did with her Lola:)
This was her first real bath. When the nurses said a real bath wouldn't hurt her umbilical cord, then we went ahead and gave her a real bath:)
and her daddy thought he should style her hair to look like elvis:)
And here we are at the end of the week of having the best Lola in the world stay with us:(
Here we are saying bye in the airport.
You know how you're supposed to be overly emotional after having a baby?
Well, the only thing that seemed to make me cry was thinking about when my mom would leave.
And then after she left, thinking about my mom leaving made me cry.
and thinking about how much she did for us this week made me cry.
and then just thinking about my mom and how much i loved her made me cry.
So, basically, I cried with any thought of my mom:)
But that's what happens when your mom is as wonderful as this...and to think my daughter has my mom as her awesome is that?!

So this was Lux's first week of life.
We were really blessed to have gotten to share it with my mom/her Lola and will always cherish those memories of Lola being there for her birth and through her first week.
I think the minute my mom left i was instantly overwhelmed with the thought of having a new born and I got really really tired instantly. 
And even though I was a mom now, all I wanted was my mom to come back.

But thankfully, Ryan and I learned alot from her.
And He was and still is a great support and help as we've been raising this new little girl.
a month later, and we've survived:) 
Soon, in the next couple of weeks, we'll get to reunite this little girl with her Lola.
Can't wait!:)


betty said...

so sweet. My son and his wife called me a baby whisperer as well with their first little girl. She was so collicy and cried like she was so angry all the time. I am pretty sure I could settle her easier than they because I could be totally relaxed with her, and they were still exhausted and uptight about being new parents and all. And it is what Grandma's love to do!!

Ginger said...

Kristine, how precious for your dad to share your mom. I am sure Lux sensed your mom's previous experience because I am sure she was very calm and self-assured of what she was doing with Lux, not to mention the love the baby felt from her Lola. Your mom looks as though she has a sweet, calming spirit.

Jessica said...

aww what beautiful pictures!! so glad your mom was there to help you with that first week!