Friday, February 15, 2013

iphone Chicago pics

sometimes, i don't feel like dragging out the rebel, and it's just more convenient to take out my phone and snapp a quick pic.
Here are most of the Chicago trip pics!

When Ashley first found us at Moody in the commons!:)
Ryan and some of the Culby 19 guys...(and the one who cut some of their hair...)
Water Tower Place...My favorite place to shop.
Moody Bible Institute.
On the Red line heading to the Sears/Willis Tower.
It was starting to snow ALOT. 
This is when I like snow. 
Makes me happy when it snows in Chicago and we're out walking.
El ride. 
I even miss public transportation...
it's just more convenient than cars in the city.

on top of the Sears on the 103rd floor.

Big Bowl.
We were always eating.

the youth hostel with a red door that ashley stayed at.
Founders Week session - Tony Evans.
Ghiradelli for the free samples.
Hershey factory with the free chocolate and fudge samples.
Sprinkles...Ryan claims has the best cupcakes that he has ever eaten.

Ashley proudly sporting her Moody hoody.
Officially accepted for fall 2013;)
Love this city. 
Love everything it has to offer.
Hate leaving it.
Potbelly's is my happy place.
you can take a kid to disney world and their ecstatic.
Take me to Potbelly's and you get a similar reaction.
the BEST sandwich in the WORLD.

Bubble Tea Lattes from Panangs...

Can I tell you that I am secretly waiting and hoping for the next "excuse" to go back to Chicago?
I miss it.

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Angel said...

i'm so happy for ashley and that's so cool you and ryan got to go while she and the group were there! it looks like SO much fun! i hope you're both doing well!!