Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday's game night...

Sunday night is our game night, something that Ryan and I have been doing for awhile now. When little guy came, it became a favorite part of the week...even with our crazy busy schedules during the week, Sundays are the one day that we get to do stuff together and play a game in the evening. 
Sometimes we play simple fun games like Uno or cards or Jenga.
Other nights we decide to play video games together, like the Wii or Little Big Planet on the PS3.
And nights like tonight, we play intense strategy games that last a few hours to finish...
we're playing a family favorite...Settlers of Catan with Cities and Knights.
And let me tell you, the little guy caught on fast...he's getting pretty good with strategy games.
I tell ya, we're training up a strategist.

For a 9 year old, he does pretty well...
and he cracks us up throughout the night.
pretty impressive how he's playing.
We have our good friend, Andrew over tonight playing with us, and so far, this game has lasted three's getting more intense as the night's going on...

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