Wednesday, February 22, 2012

little delights

 Lil guy had never had pajamas...he always slept in the clothes he was going to wear the next day. 
When he got to us, we slowly got him started on sweats and athletic shorts, and he started calling them pajamas. 
One night he was frantically going through his drawers and saying, "I have no more pajamas!!!" 
He looked at me real seriously and said,
 "I got used to wearing more comfortable things to bed." 

Well, lo, and behold, we went to JCPenney this weekend and I found a pack of boys pajama pants-two for $9.00! Guess who was hopping up and down with excitement when I told him we were getting pajamas? 
(No, no, stop, it wasn't my husband, Ryan).
 Lil guy was so excited about his pajamas and his face lit up with a, 

When we got home, he showered and came dancing out with his new pajama pants! He was so delighted and couldn't believe how comfortable and soft they were. He kept rubbing his legs and saying,
 "So Sooooooft!!!!"

So, yes, sheer delight from a 9 year old who never had pajamas. 
Sometimes, it's nice to be reminded of the little luxuries we may have taken for granted. 
Who would have ever thought that inexpensive, insignificant, pajama pants could be the absolutely highlight of a child's day? 
I sure didn't. 
Those pajama pant meant the world to this little boy.

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Ginger said...

God bless you and Ryan! I have never posted before, but I love to keep up with yours and Ilene's blog. You both are such inspirations.