Saturday, February 25, 2012

Snow storms make me think of powdered sugar...

Thursday, we received a pleasant surprise of an early out at school, because weather conditions were on it's way to looking like this:
 Now, I am quite the homebody, i absolutely love being in my home, so you can bet i was overly excited to get to go home from work a few hours early. 
Lil guy worked on writing some letters to teachers, and I had my book follow me around the house as i moved from one thing to another.
After the letters, we danced around the house to loud music on pandora.
Then we baked some cookies. (which are now all gone;))

[now, this little boy is a camera hog and seemed to jump into every shot i's his mouth.]

Friday we got to sleep in and enjoy some pajama dancing time, veggie tales, and for myself and Ryan, some leisure coffee drinking. 
It was wonderful.

After school, i brought out the vacuum and this little guy threw himself at me wanting to vacuum.
He did a good job, too!
After vacuuming the entire house, he asked if he could use the wand to vacuum the couch. 
and well, of course, i said, yes!;) 

I think this kid just loves using his hands and he's so attention to detail that he usually does an AMAZING job at anything he decides to do. 

Oh, and look what God created during the snow storm.
Beautiful, huh? 
This is what we woke up to Friday morning.

everything was so bright and beautiful.
There's a calming peace after a snow storm, when everything is glistening and fresh.
It was such a pleasant way to kick off the weekend.

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