Sunday, January 8, 2012

Gamboa kids.

The three gamboa girls woke up early to take off one morning for some Dunkin Donut time.
It's always a treat to go out together-we don't have that privilege a often as we'd like.

I love my sisters.

My sisters are my favorites.

 Oh! haha, can't forget this lil dude.
He's part of the Gamboa sibs.

 hee, hee, love him. 
I couldn't get enough of his snuggliness and his sweet face.
The lil guy adore him and couldn't get enough of Peyton either...
Too bad Pey didn't like him too much...maybe it's because he doesn't like having his tail pulled. 
Or being sat on.
Lol, had to explain to the little man why peyton was scared of him.

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