Wednesday, January 11, 2012

all the faces of Katie...

It's her 23rd birthday!!!
Here's a shout out to my seester!!!

here's to all her funny faces,
outrageous moments,
fun filled times,
and crazy laughter.
Here's to her creativity,
love for vintage,
and her love for the 1970's!!!! 

 Here's to her adventures in Chicago,
tree climbing predicaments,
and playground bumps and bruises!

Here's to our beautiful sister,
Here's to her gorgeous smile,
heart felt laugh,
love for others,
and big warm hugs.
Dear girl, 
we love you so much,
miss you tremendously,
and hope you're 23rd birthday is super fantastic and filled with all the goodies and yum yums that you love!
(Hope you got lots of hugs today!!! Wish we could give you some big ones!!!)

1 comment:

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

this post is awesome! happy bday to katie!