Sunday, January 8, 2012


one of my favorite things about going home is seeing my bubba.
boo boo.
pey pey.
Peyton Manning Elizabeth Gamboa.
That's this little guy.
I'm not even going to apologize about blogging a whole post on my boy.
He's my buddy. 
We're kinda inseparable when I'm home.
That's cuz I rescued him.
We have that special bond:).
He's the best one to snuggle with during a rainstorm.
Or while watching a movie.
Or while you're sitting and talking.
He's just the best at everything;).
This is one of my favorite most awkward, hilarious pics of the two of us buddies.
My big sis, Ilene, was resting on the floor after working out.
She was reading her kindle and listening to music.
I sat on her. 
(maybe it's the little annoying sister that's still in me. and now that i'm bigger she can't just pin me down like she used to.) 
Peyton decided that he should sit on her too.
We're buds.
We bother her together. 
(and in all actuality, she got a back rub from it too! from both me and Pey!)
 I love love love how snuggly he looks in this pic. I think I have like ten of the same pic from different angles that ilene took. 
He's best most lovable boy in the world.

anywhoo, that's my favorite little boy in the world.
and he believes he's a boy-he's spoiled like the baby of the family.
he's got wonderful manners though, and hardly ever barks unless he hears something outside and wants to "protect" the family.
He's our baby.
I adore him.
and boy do i miss him.
He's be so nice to come home from work to and snuggle with on the couch.

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