Saturday, October 22, 2011


To ya'll...
We're praying for all of you.
Even those we don't know yet are coming to us one day.
We've been praying for your situations, your safety, your little hearts.

We're praying for ourselves.
As we put ourselves in a position of parenthood...
Your parents...for a short time at least.
We ask God daily for wisdom, strength, guidance, and love.
That you will know how much He loves you through us.

We've been praying for you for months now.
And even though you may not feel like it, you're a part of our family.
You've got a piece of our hearts.
We're excited to meet you, to hug you, to have you in our family.

We're praying that through this time of your life, you'll grow to know what is love.
Love that is unconditional,
never fading
and won't ever leave you.
And guess what? We're not talking about love from us.
We are confidently expecting that through this time, you will leave knowing how loved you are, how special you were made, and how valuable your unique self is because...
God loves you.
And it's only because of His love, that we're able to open our hearts, our lives, our home to you...

Welcome to our family.
We're prayerfully waiting for you.

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