Saturday, October 29, 2011

Life with boys...

All my life, I grew up with very few boys in my family.
My dad was special. He got all special boy attention because he had three girls and a wife that adored him.

Then four years ago, came my little brother...who is actually, a Beagle/Dachshund mix. Peyton. He thinks he's a little boy and we see him that way. 

 But that's it. 

Now though...
Life consists of mostly all boys.
At least, at home, they're all boys.
My husband and the little guy, we'll call him Lil' B(oy).
It's non stop boy stuff:
Nerf battles, complete with foam swords and bunkers set up all around the house.
Midget basketball which is set up on Lil B's closet door. 
Football in the backyard.
Basketball at the school playground.
Running and chasing balls. (literally...Lil B throws the balls and then chases after it, and tells the balls, "HEY!!! WAIT UP FOR ME!!! WAAAAIT!!!!" It was so funny to watch.)
Attempts to tackle Ryan which leads to Lil B clutching Ryan's leg as Ryan drags him around the house. 

Then there are the times that are just really sweet...
Those big eyes looking up at Ryan to see what he does.
Reading picture books on the kitchen floor while I wash dishes to practice his 15 minutes of reading a day. 
Watching him do the hand motions and dances to songs from Bible School this week, like Jesus Loves Me and This little Light of Mine.
His questions about Jesus.
When he hangs his crafts from Bible School up and says, " God loves me! God loves you!"
His glee when he wins at Uno.
The way he pops up in the morning and his first question is, "Is Ryan awake yet?!"

Then those tough times that just comes with being a kid...
His inability to stay put in his bedroom after saying goodnight, because he has,
 "just one more thing i forgot to tell you..." 
" something i forgot i wanted to show you..." 
or his needs for last minute late night drinks of water.

I can honestly say that we've been using more energy than we have been the last couple years.
But it's been fun.
It gives a new perspective of life to us. 
It's blessed us by showing us the joy of caring for another person in our home.
It's fun to learn new things about him...
as well as he learns new things about us.


Ginger said...

Lovely--I know you two will be fabulous parents.

TMRK said...

I really like your blog! It is soooo cute. Check out mine if u like :)