Monday, October 10, 2011


She was perfect.
We were offered this puppy this weekend. She even spent an evening with us so we could bond and see if she'd fit well with our family.
She did!

Saturday, Ryan and I went to Petsmart and Target and all the places we could think of to check for puppy stuff. We made our decision that we wanted this lil girl to be part of our family! We thought of a perfect name for her and were both really excited for this new change in our lives and family. We corresponded back and forth with the people she was staying with, to ask questions and to help us make our decision. I couldn't wait to snuggle with her on the couch.

Sunday we waited all day to pick her up. All I could think about was having her in our home.
Then Sunday afternoon we waited some more. I didn't hear back all sunday.
Finally in the evening, I made one last attempt to get in some kind of contact with the people who had her.
They finally responded back to me.

They didn't want to give her away. 
They made a decision without giving us a heads up, giving us a false impression that we could have her, and let us keep preparing and planning for this puppy. 
Over text messaging they told us, "no."

Can i be honest? 
I was crushed.
I felt hurt by it.
I cried for like two hours.
But all said and done, she wasn't meant to be ours.:/

We're just going to keep praying for the right pup to join our family.
For now, snuggling on the couch with a pup is on hold.
I'm glad I got a sweet man that can handle all the tears that I shed.
Think I'll just spend my evenings snuggling with him for now.

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