Monday, December 14, 2009

the sound of bells

Walking into a store during the Christmas season always feels even more Christmasy when you hear the bells of Salvation Army ringing away. I have to say in the past, I have not always thought of giving to Salvation Army, just for the simple fact of not knowing where the money was actually going to, but here in Storm Lake, all the money collected is kept LOCALLY, in our lil town! Which is really a huge deal because of the needs this town has for love.

Ryan and I were recommended to do the ringing, and it was a blessing to us. We were not expecting it to go so quickly (we had two hours to do ring the bell), but we made it fun for each other, singing, drumming on the buckets, and doing tricks with the bells. haha. I think we were the youngest pair of ringers in all of Storm Lake though (normally, its elderly men and women), and we had a couple comments about how young we were to be ringing. haha. We were greatly blessed to greet so many families and people in Storm lake with a "MERRY CHRISTMAS," and see so many people giving of themselves.

"The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is singing loudly for all to hear!" - The Elf:) (edited because of correction of Rachel "Rdawg" Thomas:))

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RachelT said...

I love that the 2 of you did this...I wish I would have known, because I would have flown out to see it & drop a few shiny pennies in your bucket :) Also...I think your quote is from ELF and not the Grinch...just a small mix-up? :) MISS YOU!!