Monday, December 14, 2009

Sugary Treats

Ryan and I thought it'd be fun to decorate sugar cookies with the kids we mentor. So we prepared for our next day with our mentees by baking Sugar Cookies from scratch!:) I've never made sugar cookies ever in my life. It was alot of fun!
I rolled it out after mixing all the inggredients. that was my favorite part. It was such a great recipe!

Ryan helped out by using the cookie cutters and making the shapes:)

doesn't this look cool and yummy?:)

next we popped them in the oven...

and now we have beautiful perfect sugar cookies to decorate with our kids! We got some really neat writing icing, and we're going to use homemade icing too:) I think it'll be alot of fun doing with them.
Ta-dah! lots of yummy cookies to decorate. (although, my husband has been sneaking a cookie here and there, so the numbers are slowly dwindling...hopefully we'll have enough to decorate with the kids!:))

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