Sunday, August 30, 2009

the GPS is our friend

After two weeks in the small town of Storm Lake, I was starting to go a little crazy. my sweet and fabulous husband took me on a mini road trip yesterday to Omaha, Nebraska-a first time for me!:) It definitely gave me a little bit of a city fill-for a little while anyway:). It wasn't exactly Chicago, but it worked perfectly for shopping and for a GREAT day with each other.

the view leaving storm lake:) yay-goodbye fields for a day!:)

the beautiful view of driving into a city full of people!
we had a nice little detour to Offutt Air Force Base to get cheaper things with no tax. AMAZING. We bulked up on good food for the month.
this is a pic from the end of the shopping day. Heres Ryan trying to fit the rest of the shopping bags into the full car:) SO much fun.

Here are some of the things we got!:) An area rug to add color and some color scheme into the living room. plus, cute pillows to feminize the living room!:)

I love our little place! It's so adorable!

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The Mansell Crew: said...

The place looks great and it seems like you are doing well! I am praying for you!

Sharon Mansell