Saturday, August 22, 2009

First week of life in Storm Lake

Ryan and I thought it would be a neat opportunity to blog about our life together in Storm Lake, and keep ya'll updated on how you can be praying for as a newly married couple and as we serve in Iowa for the first time. There is so much that we could share about so far in life together, but we'll let pictures tell the story for you:).

here is our kitchen when we first moved in...


the living room when we first moved in. see the mattress on the floor? yep, thats our twin size bed. we moved it from the living room to the bedroom of course:)
this is how it looks after my sweet sweet husband put assembled everything and put our living room together:). with a few pillows, a rug, and a bit of a feminine touch that will come furthur on in the future (ahem, paydays ahead;)), it will be so cozy and cute, and high tech:)

(after) (notice no twin mattress in the living room;))

Here are some pics of us putting our lil home together:)

our kitchen had 24 freaky looking roosters in the kitchen on every single drawer and cupboard that we had. I took care of that within the first three days of living in the apt. no more freaky roosters staring at me from all over the kitchen!

I replaced the roosters with these sweet looking knobs. I 'm happy with our kitchen now:)

here's ryan assembling our futon. we got a sweet deal on it, tipped on by my mom. got the futon for $99 bucks, and its a cozy lil addition to our living room!

we also bought a tv stand to put our brand new 40'' flat screen LCD HDTV 1080mp. (pretty much Ryan's pride and joy right it's got a sweet picture and sound. we're pretty thrilled with it, cuz movies and video games will be like non other. sooo great. thank you to his mom for it!:)


Becca said...

Yay for no more roosters!
It looks like a lot of fun setting everything up, Kristine. Good job :)

dandy said...

lol on the roosters. :) thanks for sharing your blog with us. its sweet to see what you guys are up to and to hear about new married life together:)
love you guys.