Monday, August 31, 2009

good ole country food

Ryan asked me if I could cook him some country fried steak, which I have never had in my life, so i went searching for a recipe online, and went shopping for all the ingredients so i could make it from scratch:) It was fun to make, the white gravy was probably the best part, for me anyways:) I'm not a big ole country food kind of girl, but I actually really liked it!:) Ryan made some yummy pink lemonade to go with it.
so here we have Country fried steak with white gravy, buttery green beans, and au gratin potatoes.

I missed Ilene this evening, so I made salsa in honor of our Saturdays that we would eat the salsa she makes. I love it when she makes it for me, so I attempted to make some...I made ALOT of it though, and really spicy, so we'll see if it compares to Ilene's at all, cuz I loved hers. Thanks for the recipe, Ate!:)

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dandy said...

ok. everything looks amazing but you have to share the salsa recipe. it looks really yummy. maybe ilene will quit her job and come watch the kids?? :) jk.