Tuesday, August 25, 2009

baking pot roast...

Ryan moved his stuff into his office after we painted it. He officially has an office, and a quite cute one too! We still have some stuff we want to add to it, but for now here's what we got:)
Here's the color we used (on my hand), and theres the color on Ryan's cheek, with the smiley face:) haha.

and this is how it looks now!
He likes his books in categories, and for anyone that knows Ryan, he LOVES LOVES LOVES books. this office was perfect for him, because of all the shelves that it had:)

So while I'm waiting for the Pot Roast to come out of the oven, I took a few more pics so that mom and everyone can see what we've got here. I'm kinda enjoying uploading pics for ya'll to see, so hope you enjoy seeing it. if you don't, oh well, i'm liking this:)
So here's the living room-my husband is enjoying ESPN while on his laptop!:) (thats right we have cable and internet now! whoo!) Here's also some of the dining area...we haven't gotten pics developed for the frames we want to put up on the wall, but those blank spots will have picture frames to fill in all the empty spots:)
Here's the other side of the kitchen. the laundry area is in the kitchen on the other side. thats the door with the curtain i'd like to get rid of as soon as we can buy new ones:) they came with the apt. oh well, it covers up the glass window for now.

here are the sushi dishes that I got from my 6West girls! I LOVE them and can't wait to make sushi and serve it on these:)
Here's a pic of all the Caphalon pots and pans that I've got! I LOVE them. Caphalone proves to be the best brand for cookware-seriously. amazing stuff.
The plates, bowls, glasses, and mugs are the dishes that we purchased with some giftcards from our wedding. we love them:) the square glasses are fun to drink out of, and the dishes are really cute!

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