Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Miracle Baby

When you're pregnant with your first, you really can only just imagine what life will be like when that baby is born.
I didn't know the kind of love that would embrace me when Lux Ann joined our family. 
It's different.
It's that piece of your heart that is outside of you.
It's that joy that can only be experienced when that miracle is placed in your arms and your breath is taken away by that teeny tiny human being.

She's a miracle.
Only God can do something this magnificent, this awesome.
My miracle baby.

Tink and Key is a brand that uses their tees to share the powerful message of God's perfect love.
They have tees full of encouraging and uplifting messages, one being the "Miracle Baby" raglan that Lux is sporting in these pics. It's a shop unlike many others, and it offers a positive message straight from the Bible. For someone in passing, these powerful messages might be just what they need that day.

All their shirts are American Apparel, which means they are beyond the best quality of tees for your littles. Super soft and comfy too! 
They make faith tees look super cool and not cheesy:-D I pretty much adore every single one of their designs, especially with the meaning behind every single one.

Especially my miracle baby one.
As every baby is a miracle, as they are created fearfully and wonderfully by God.
This shirt  can pertain to every person you know who's got a little one (and they've also got mama tees!!!) 

I want you to think super hard for a second for someone you know with a little.
and think about how lovely it would be to have this raglan (or any of the others with positive messages) for that little of your own kids.

So here's the deal,
Go to Tink and Key right now and check out their prints.
Notice their super awesome prices, 
and then if you notice below, 
Lux has an awesome code to share with you for 20% off your purchase.
Tuesday, July 29th only, so purchase one today for you or your friend, or for both of you!
Thank you Tink and Key for your faith based tee ministry.
I am all about small businesses and I'm a full supporter of this shop!
(so much so, that after seeing Lux in her raglan, i just HAD to buy a shirt for her new born friend...shhhh, don't tell her mom though!:))

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