Friday, July 25, 2014


-Lux is fast. Like really FAST. one second she's there, and then next she's gone. Wonder woman i tell you.

-Had a middle school girls' camp all last week-super awesome week.

-Played the djembe and cajone all week during camp, and it reignited my love for playing the drums. I need to own a cajone ASAP.

-my dear old friend, my five year old canon rebel xsi, fell to it's death during camp.
I was heartbroken.

-My super hero, prince charming husband, surprised me with a brand new canon rebel t5i yesterday, which I can't get over-so so so excited about my new toy!

-I'm counting calories again, because in the last three weeks, i seemed to have gained five pounds.

-Lux got picked up for three more online shops, one being Heritage Youth Company, a new brand that celebrates kids of all heritage, while recognizing the needs of youth all around the world. quite the privilege.

- Ryan's looking good...real good.

-Tried co-sleeping with Lux cuz i desperately want her to sleep with fail. took her about an hour to get over the excitement of being in our bed, and turns out she moves constantly the entire night, which gives me little anxiety attacks thinking she's fallen off our high bed. Neither of us had a good night's sleep.

-Went through the thrill of World Cup soccer for the first time in my life. Super fun. 

-Doing a lot of brainstorming of what to do during the cold winter months with a toddler. I think we'll be having some fun this winter, just the two of us:)

So much is happening right now, at the same time, I can't think of enough. All through the week I have brainstorms of what to blog on, and then when i sit at the mac, i can't remember. 
So you get these tidbits.
Which at least is something;).

Have a great weekend ya'll.

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