Monday, February 24, 2014

Back tracking to Lux's valentines

Back tracking to about a month ago, we had this mini photoshoot.
Is it bad that I put her in a ridiculous hair do (or as my sisters and I like to call it, "Shrek-doo,") because it's entertaining and cracks me up? 
We sent these pics to her grandparents and aunties for some Valentine comic relief, and their reactions, especially my sisters, were so fun. 

This first pic is a practice shot, taken a couple days before our actual photo shoot.
 Here's the shrek-doo! She's such a good sport!;) then again...she doesn't realize her mommy does these ridiculous things to her.

She and Alexio kept pulling the hearts off the wall and eating them.
They both thought the hearts were the greatest thing ever, and of course, who wouldn't want to eat/chew/destroy them? 
When I finally just gave up, and let Lux help me take the hearts off the wall, she literally stood up against the wall, hugged the wall, rubbed her face against it, and then scratched her fingers up and down all the hearts, while babbling some kind of foreign language in her abundant happiness...and then picked the hearts off the wall as quickly as I put them up.

*happy sigh over our silly girl*
That's Lux;)

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ilene @ muchloveilly said...

these pictures always make me giggle.