Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving in Kansas

We spent this girl's first Thanksgiving with her Grandma and Aunt Kate in Kansas.
It was wonderfully filled with family time and lots of eating, shopping, movie watching, and of course, Lux-snuggling.

The trip to Kansas was less than eventful…Lux used to be comforted by car rides.
No more.
Ever since she realized the world is a much better place when she can see it, sitting up or standing, she has HATED her carseat.
The only time she wasn't screaming to get out of her carseat was when she was eating, sleeping, or briefly playing and/or watching the one song on High School Musical 2.
Needless to say, it was a relief to get to Grandma's house.

Ryan enjoyed doing some project at his mom's house and helping her out with some things.
Putting up outdoor lights on her house was one of them, and Lux and I snuggled on the porch while we watched them work hard.

On Wednesday, we went to the airport to pick up Katie, which Lux wasn't terrible happy to be woken up to go the airport, and then when arriving there, someone she did not recognized squealed in happiness and scooped her hug for a huge hug. 
As you can see on her face, she did not approve.
However, her unhappiness with this new face was short-lived, because she became well-acquainted with her Aunt Kate and ended up LOVING her.
They snuggled together many times, and Aunt Kate was the chosen one to nap with during the Macy's Day parade and on various occasions during our stay.
Thanksgiving day involved lots of eating, playing, snuggling, and family picture taking.
I can see future Thanksgivings where Lux will help her grandma in the kitchen with preparing the meal. 

Whenever we visit Kansas, Lux sleeps in her daddy's old crib. 
She kinda just made herself at home and loved the new atmosphere and things to look at in the room. 
Sticking her legs through the bars happened a lot.
The first couple nights I slept in the room with her.
I moved out of the room after two sleepless nights-She realized I was sleeping on the floor beside her crib and all she wanted to do was talk, talk, talk. She was thrilled to pop her head up and see me down there. 
When I moved her to my bed, thinking I'd get more sleep if we snuggled, she was more than ecstatic and her talking only escalated. 
I think she inherited her mommy's love for good ole conversation...
And after putting this sweet lil girl to bed, Katie, Ryan, and I started out Black Friday shopping on Gray Thursday.
It's a tradition for me personally and I can't get enough of the crowds, chaos, people, coffee, shopping, and REALLY great deals.
My mom and dad have taken us since I was a little little girl, and I plan on doing the same with Lux and her future siblings. 
She lasted a 12 hours of shopping with naps in between:).
What a trooper.
I think having a kid makes holidays more fun.
Having Lux and thinking of the many traditions we may have with her for holidays to come, gets me excited.
I'm so thankful for our little girl.
For family, and food, and the fun times we have when we're together.
It was so special getting to celebrate Lux's first Thanksgiving with our Brandenberger side of the family.
She definitely got spoiled (every time we saw something cute, her aunt wanted to buy it for Lux!), and got lots of snuggles. It was fun seeing her playing with her Grandma and with Ryan's old toys too.
All in all, it was a very special time.

Looking forward to the next time we see them again! 

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